Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Jimenez Family

Hafa Adai! It seems that everyone I know has a blog so I decided to "jump on" and get with it as well. This blog is mainly for my family and friends back in the states since I don't know any one in Guam who blogs. I'm sure people blog here but they probably wouldn't be too interested in what I have to say. Oh well...whatever. Just a heads up to my family and friends, I write like I talk so please don't start pulling out the grammar handbooks to correct my grammar or sentence structures. It is what it is.

My name is Sioseline Vaitai and I am married to Agustine Jimenez. We have three daughters. Maysa is 5 years old, Evangelene is 3 years old and the baby is four month old Kaylena. I was born in Tonga raised in Hawaii and California. Agustine is Mexican and he grew up in Los Angeles. My parents are Mosese Taukeiaho Fakatou Vaitai and Samavae Taimani Vaitai. Agustine's parents are Agustine Senior and Maria De Rosario Velasco Jimenez. We live in Guam. Prior to moving to Guam we lived in Fontana California.

I go everywhere with the tres mujeres (three ladies), which is what their father calls them. Since moving to Guam, everyone seems fascinated with my girls. They see us and just come over and start talking to me and the girls. People constantly make comments about how beautiful they are and want to know what they are mixed with...Philipino and what is what they always ask because they all think Im Philipino. Ok, thats a new one. Back in the states people always wanted to know if I was half black half white. Here no one believes that Im not Philipino and they almost seem offended. The older people just smile and look at me like poor thing is embarrased to be Philipino. As if Im trying to deny my ancestrey or something. Its funny. Once they get pass the whole race thing they jump right back to how beautiful the girls are and I just smile and thank them. Then always they tell me that Im a fortunate woman because three girls are lucky. I hope so. So thats why I decided to call our blog...The Lucky 3.