Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tropical Depression

If I could control the weather, I would have conjured up a tropical storm to match my mood. Our neighbor and friends, the Reeves family, just left Guam. They are probably in Japan right now awaiting their flight to Chicago which will eventually take them to Utah. Miriam was the first friend I made here on Guam. It helped that our husbands were already friends prior to our( the girls and me) arrival in Guam. Most importantly, I was determined for me and Miriam to be friends because she is half Tongan and I needed another Tongan girl (besides my daughters) to kick it with. The kids get along and the girls love Alexander, especially my Eva, even though she is so bossy to him and so rough with their baby Eva.

Yesterday was their last day here. In the late afternoon, the news reported that a tropical depression was heading to Guam and could possibly turn into the season's first tropical storm. It seemed like a storm to me with the winds at 40mph and the rain falling so fast and hard. I guess a depression is small kine compared to typhoons and such. This area is called Typhoon Alley. So rain and wind matched my mood as if nature were some how expressing what I could not.

I said goodbye to the Reeves at 1am. I hugged Miriam tightly and shook Daniels hands because he's not a "hugger"...LOL...and then watched them drive off to the airport. The rain quietly and lightly falling. I closed the front door and then the tears fell quietly on my face. The weather and I so in must be a sign...I just might be a weather goddess...LOL

This morning the kids awoke and immediately went looking for Alexander. They've know for a couple of days now that Alexander would be moving but that didn't stop Eva from praying that they wouldn't have to move. As we said goodbye to Agustine and Maysa, Eva looked up at me and sadly said "Is Miriam, Daniel, Alexander and Eva going to come back?" She looks over to their house with the saddest expression. Agustine says "Maybe we'll go and visit them". Eva smiles and says "Oh, Oh, Yes, Yes, Goodie, Goodie." The wind is calm and the rain has stopped. Its quiet and once again I wonder...can I really control the weather? Not likely!! However, He who does control heaven and nature must have known that a tropical depression would be just the thing for our wary hearts because after the rain the sun always comes out!!

Ofa Lahi Atu to Meliame and her family!!