Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You Mrs. Sayama

School officially broke for summer on May 28. This also ended Maysa's kindergarten year. Maysa started out the year a little shaky. She had good skills but they weren't where I would have liked them to be. However, she started of well considering she didn't have any preschooling. Maysa made significant progress as the school year went on. I worked with her at home and Mrs. Sayama did the rest at school. The school year was a success for her. She took first place at her school's science fair and won numerous awards for reading. Her work was entered in Island Wide events. Her shyness was replaced with confidence in herself and her school work. It was a blessing to have Mrs. Sayama as Maysa's kinder teacher. Maysa loves her and she is going to miss her in the first grade.