Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another One Gone

The last of my Tongan neighbors has left Guam. Mou and Eileen left this morning at 2am. They are heading to Saipan to visit with Eileen's family before they move to Maui permanently. First, Miriam left and now Mou is gone. It seems there is an exodus of Tongans from Guam. This might be sign that I should get out of here too before its too late...LOL Best of luck to Mou and his family. Im sure that our paths will cross again because he and Agustine have a lot of mutual friends.

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Harm, No Foul

Yesterday, Agustine was involved in a fender bender. His first incident in Guam. After what happend, I hope it he nor I are ever involved in something like that for as long as we are here. Knock on Wood!!

Agustine and Maysa had just left, when I got the call that they had a minor accident. He said it was a fender bender and Im thinking...ok, no big deal, why do you need me to pick up Maysa? I get to the scene of the accident, actually it takes forever to get there because traffic is backed up. When I finally get there, Im wondering where is the other car because all the cars that are blocking traffic loook perfectly fine to me. I check on Maysa and she says she is fine. Agustine starts taking pictures of his car and the car involved in the incident. Then he tells me that the woman refused to move her car to the shoulder because her sister in law drove up right after the incident and told her not to move her car and to remain inside. Then the sister in law calls the police. Thats when Agustine called me to pick up Maysa because he knew that Guam PD would probably take forever to arrive. I got to the scene before GPD.

As we are waiting for GPD, Agustine is taking pictures of the scene and the vehicles. The driver of the other car finally gets out and decides to check out her car for the first time since the incident occurred. Remember her sister in law told her to remain in the car and not to move her vehicle. The woman is somber looking and doesn't even say a word to Agustine. Sister in law probably told her to remain silent. Im sitting in the van with my kids trying to call Calvo insurance to report the incident. All I get is a recording stating their hours of operation and they don't even allow you to leave a message. If you have Calvo Insurance and you get into a car accident prior to 8:30am, don't bother calling them because they don't care!! When GPD arrives, they check to see if everyone is ok and then the sister in law jumps out of her car and starts telling the police that she called and blah, blah, blah. She gets back into her car and leaves. The officers take their reports and then it seems everyone is ok but then here comes the ambulance.

The officer tells Agustine that the kids riding in the other vehicle requested to be treated for neck pain. The paramedics get there and then the kids are all of a sudden feeling ok. So first they tell the officer they are ok then they say their necks hurt then when the ambulance gets there they are ok. Well what the crazy cow is it? Are you ok or not? Agustine said the kids were middle school aged. Probably don't know if their necks are hurting from being ordered to remain still in the car.The officer that was taking Agustine's report came over and said that the report was going to be reclassified to show that all partys involved were ok. 10-4, Dano.

I leave with Maysa and Im California this would be a no harm, no foul situation. Both parties would be on their way after agreeing that everything and everyone was ok. No need for a police report or a call to the insurance companies. Not the case in Guam. Here everyone is looking to make the most of every situation. The other car had a small scratch which we don't know if it was the result of the fender bender or if it had already been there. As for Calvo Insurance, Agustine calls them after they opened and the agent tells him that they won't take a report from him unless the other party's insurance calls to file a claim. I love Guam but situations with people like the woman and sister in law involved in this situation make me want to pimp slap somebody!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Word

When Agustine left to Guam, I was 7 months pregnant with Kaylena. He was able to return for her birth in April but had to leave a week later. When Kaylena was 3 months old, we finally joined him on Guam. She really didn't like her dad too much and it was hard sometimes to leave her with him because she would just cry. Secretly I liked that she didn't like him too much. Maysa is his baby. Evangelene, as everyone knows, belongs to my parents. So Kaylena is my baby. About two weeks ago Kaylena said her first word. DADA!! Whoa, was supposed to be MAMA not DADA. Every morning when she wakes up I hear her scream out...DADA. All I can think is...why doesn't she just stab a knife through my heart!! Its ok, I'll get over it...eventually!!