Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another One Gone

The last of my Tongan neighbors has left Guam. Mou and Eileen left this morning at 2am. They are heading to Saipan to visit with Eileen's family before they move to Maui permanently. First, Miriam left and now Mou is gone. It seems there is an exodus of Tongans from Guam. This might be sign that I should get out of here too before its too late...LOL Best of luck to Mou and his family. Im sure that our paths will cross again because he and Agustine have a lot of mutual friends.


MiriamR said...

It was probably best for them. It seems Guam was a downward spiral for them. At least now they will really be in America, not fake america.

Sioseline Jimenez said...

LOL @ Miriam! Mou seriously looked depressed everyday! It will definately be better for them.

Vaitai 6 said...

That stinks! I remember in Tonga feeling the same way when families would return back to the states. Made us all homesick. Hope it doesn't make you too homesick?~!!! We love you guys!!!