Sunday, March 8, 2009


When you are in love, how much will you put up with? How often will you allow yourself to be hurt? Are you worth what you believe you are or do you believe what he tells you? Do you need to be controlled because you lack the ablitiy to practice self control? Is being physically abused ok because you were in the wrong? How many times are you going to allow him to hit you before you get enough courage to run for your life?

Recently, a young and scared woman came to my door running for her life. I've never seen a woman so afraid that she would run from her home barefoot carrying only what she could carry in a tote bag. My heart felt for her but my mind did not want to jeporadize my family's safety by helping her. In the end, I helped her to get away from the abusive situation she was trapped in. I couldn't help but think about my own little girls. There was no other choice than to help this young woman. If it were my little girl, running for her life, I would hope that another woman would feel enough for her to take her to safety.

Before leaving this young woman safely with family memebers I asked her to run and never look back. She was concerned for my safety but I told her that should her boyfriend be crazy enough to ask me about her he would be making a big mistake! People often mistake me for someone who likes confrontation. I actually hate confrontation and violence makes me sick to my stomach. However, in the most basic of instincts to flee or fight, I tend to swing all the way to fight mode...LOL Especially when it comes to my family. If you come looking for a fight with my family, you had better be prepared to make some moves! Im a woman who knows who she is and my worth is beyond your comprehension. You could never control me because I will not surrender my being to you. So, young man, step carefully and watch how you approach a woman because you just maybe in the presence of the Tongan version of Madea!!


MiriamR said...

thats crazy. How scary. i tend to go to fight mode too. Your best bet is a golf club to the face. But that will be pretty bad. This is a dumb statement but.... it reminds me of Chris Brown and Rhiana. Anyway good luck with that. Just keep a golf club at the door and some mace.

Sioseline Jimenez said... true about Chris Brown and Rhianna. I thought of that too because its been in the news so much lately. I just read recently that they are reconciling. I can't believe she would go back to him after what he did. One person who is supposedly close to her said that Rhianna didn't want to walk away from a relationship that she invested so much in. Hello, he beat you and threatened to kill you. Yeah, my situation is crazy and I definately have my guard up and so down to drop kick somebody! I guess the Tongan in us just automatically kicks into fight mode versus flee even if fleeing would be the better option...LOL

Priscilla said...

Line, you are soo funny! Gosh...that IS scary! I don't know what I would have done in your situation? But that boy better watch out!

Vaitai 6 said...

Tongan Madea.... lol, true dat! I HATE confrontation but in some situations you have no other choice. I hope this young woman values herself enough to CHOOSE to live! How scary for you though... esspecially knowing that there are only so few place to hide on an island. Wishing this young lady the best. Hopefully there are no children involved.

foouryan said...

LMBO!!...Dang Line, I'm dying laughing right now!! I haven't been keeping up with blogging because my stupid computer is so retarded!! Anyways, that is too funny!!

Line'sLucky3 said...

LOL @ know I don't know much karate but you best believe that I knows a whole lotta can trust me on that one...LOL