Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Word

When Agustine left to Guam, I was 7 months pregnant with Kaylena. He was able to return for her birth in April but had to leave a week later. When Kaylena was 3 months old, we finally joined him on Guam. She really didn't like her dad too much and it was hard sometimes to leave her with him because she would just cry. Secretly I liked that she didn't like him too much. Maysa is his baby. Evangelene, as everyone knows, belongs to my parents. So Kaylena is my baby. About two weeks ago Kaylena said her first word. DADA!! Whoa, was supposed to be MAMA not DADA. Every morning when she wakes up I hear her scream out...DADA. All I can think is...why doesn't she just stab a knife through my heart!! Its ok, I'll get over it...eventually!!


Vaitai 6 said...

OH Kaylena!!!! You are such a sweetheart. It's OK Line, I think ALL the kids said DADA first. I don't know why 'cause right after they're CRYing for ME! lol!

Kaylena we miss you baby girl!!!

foouryan said...

Awwww!! That's way cute!! Line stop hating on Gusie!!...lmbo!! That is too dang cute!! Love and miss you Kaylena! Your next word will be favoriteauntyFo' how I just put those 3 words Love you guys!

MiriamR said...

that is cute. I love it when Alexander yells Dad (which is never) because we have a deal on Saturday mornings, whoever the kid calls has to go get him and get him ready for the day. I can't believe she said her first word how CUTE!! I think Dada is easier than Mama though so don't worry about it.