Thursday, January 22, 2009

Any Way You Cut It

My husband had the hardest time finding a barber on Guam. A barber is a barber, right? I mean he is a guy and don't guys just get their hair buzzed and its good? Ok, maybe its not that simple because he prefers a shave fade and not all barbers can fade well much less shave fade as tight as he likes it. Whatever. So he finally found someone in Yigo who does an alright shave fade. Yesterday, he came home quiet cheery, after his haircut. I didn't understand the cheeriness because his hair wasn't shave faded. Uusally, if his hair isn't cut exactly like he likes it, he has a problem with it. So Im curious as to why he is so cheery. His "guy" wasn't there but he needed a hair cut so badly that he just had one of the other guys cut his hair. While he was getting his hair cut, the assistant (the gofer and hair sweeper uper) was busy singing kareoke tunes. Yup, its one of those things that can only happen on Guam. Where else can you get your hair cut and be serenaded to Kenny Rogers...Once, twice, three times the lady...LOL When the gofer/kareoke singer finished with Kenny he started taking requests!! It doesn't matter how you cut your hair, if you are ever on Guam you need to stop by this little place in Yigo and be serenaded!!

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MiriamR said...

that hilarious. Did Agustine make any requests?