Monday, January 19, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos

We had a blast this weekend!! Agustine's birthday was Sunday the 18th. The girls and I decided it was time to do something special for the King of our Hearts. Agustine never does anything for his own selfish wants. It goes against his nature. Every year Agustine always makes sure that the girls and I have a special experience on our birthdays. This year it was our turn to make his day special.

Maysa is all smiles as we check in to the Pacific Island Club, for Agustine's birthday weekend get away.
Time to swim!!

Birthday dinners are the best. For a minute there, I thought it was one of the girls birthday because Evangelene ordered shrimp and Maysa ordered New York Steak. But their dad didn't mind and let them have what they wanted because thats just the kind of dad he is. We love our papi chulo and hope that he enjoyed his birthday this year as much as we did!!


Vaitai 6 said...

HOW FUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! You know if we were there we'd HAVE TO tagg along! LOL!

Happy Birthday Gussie... We LOVE and miss you guys SO SO SO much. The other morning when I told Moe and Grandma and Grandpa were downstairs he got ALL excited and goes, "And Ysa too???". When I told him "no moe moe, not Ysa" he kindof frowned. The kids love and miss you guys, esspecially on birthdays and holidays! We're finally sending their xmas package this week. (lol!) Take care guys, know that we think of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!

ALL US VAITAI's in the Desert!

foouryan said...

What a cool birthday!! Dang Line, I'm glad you guys spoiled Gus because he truly does go all out for you and the Sorry for the late replies but I'm trying to take advantage of my stupid computer while it's still running right now. Miss you guys tons Line!!