Saturday, May 16, 2009

Food Trucks

Food trucks are rapidly becoming a trendy choice for diners all over the states. Food trucks are high tech food carts that rove all over busy metropolis'. In the West, especially in LA its always been popular. I've always associated food trucks with Mexican food. Just recently I was tellling my husband about an article that I had read about food trucks using twitter to alert their customers of their whereabouts. He says "You know we invented that food truck business and now everyone else is trying to bite it off us." Im just thinking...ok, whatever. Then he says "Somebody better give us our props"! So Im going to give him/them whoever he was refering to their props. I mean I feel bad that Mexican's have been getting bad publicity over the whole Swine Flu thing so I thought I'd give my husband one. Mexican's may not have thought up the idea of a food truck but they certainly had a hand in making it popular. Or at least the owners of the food trucks who were selling Mexican food. Bottom line...shout to the Mexicans y Viva La Raza!!


{priscilla} said...

AAAAhhhhaaaahaahaaahaaaaAiye! La Raza! {have Augie yell the first part, then it'll sound right!}

MiriamR said...

I think the Mexicans did think up the food trucks. I have never seen so many food trucks like there are here. I love them because they are so yummy fresh food really close tons of fish burritos

The Finau Family said...

ha ha ha.. Food trucks really.. LOL..
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