Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Angel and A Fake Santa

Maysa has wanted to be the Angel of the Month for her class, since school started back in August. The criteria for being angel of the month are academic achievement, attendance and citizenship. This month she finally earned what she has been wanting and working so hard to achieve. Her dad told her that she could have one of the following rewards: a new outfit, a new book or dinner with the family. She choose to have a "nice dinner for the whole family." We are so proud of her achievement and wanting to share her reward with the entire family.

Later in the evening, we attended a lighting ceremony at the Hilton. Every year they sponsor an event for the Make A Wish Foundation. They officially brought in the Christmas season with a train set and holiday decors throughout the hotel property. There was even a Santa there. Maysa though had some concerns about Santa. She had a very candid conversation with her dad about Santa. "Daddy", she said very irritated, "thats not a real Santa."

"Yes, he is real, Maysa."

"Daddy, Santa is white and that Santa is brown. Look his hair is sticking out of his wig!"

I couldn't help but laugh as her dad explained to the PR Manager that Maysa was disappointed with their brown Santa. She said "white Santa is too expensive. Brown Santa only wants a couple of gift certificates."

Eva wasn't even interested in Santa. She was really afraid of him. She spent most of her time drinking punch, eating cookies and watching the train.



Good Job Maysa!! Love the santa comment!! Too funny!!

foouryan said...

Congratulations Maysa!! You're gonna be so smart like your Mommy!! And very dedicated to everything she does!!

LOL...Ok, I'm laughing so hard at the comment Maysa made and even harder at Why you guys always gotta make Eva be the sour one? Hugs and kisses to you guys!!

foouryan said...

Uncle Joe is gonna send you some money Maysa! Grandma Line is yelling at him to send you something for your acheivement.

Vaitai 6 said...

How FUN! Ysa we LOVE you and are SO PROUD of your achievements! How funny the 'brown' santa!... Ysa can't wait to see the 'white' santa here in Ca. Love you so much Ysa!!!!

Grandma is trying to view all your pics- BIG. Did you lock some of them???

Sioseline Jimenez said...

L, I can't unlock the pictures since I don't even know how to lock them. Just tell Grandma to put on her

MiriamR said...

Hey this is random but look at what this girl from my bookclub blog that I don't even read the books for (whoops) said when talking about the books : "I too love the way that she writes and I am so intrigued by hearing someones thoughts in writing. Although; there are times that I want to reach through the pages and just slap Bella. Some of her decisions frustrate me."
Ha ha I guess we are not the only ones.

Hera said...
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Hera said...

hi this is Miriam´s mother. We met your husband in Guam before you came. My daughter Matelita was with me.
Thank you for your blog it makes me laugh. We need more laughter in this world.
Brown Santa is cheaper that is just so funny.
have a great new year. I hope we can meet some day.
´Ofa atu
Hera Toutai