Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my favorite things about living on Guam is the many fiestas that happen island wide all year long. Everyone knows what a fiesta is but just in case a fiesta is a party. Polynesians know how to throw a party and they are serious when it comes to food but the Chamorro people are the best hosts! We've been to a couple of fiestas since moving here but the last one we attended last weekend was something else. My Samoan friend, Rachel is married to a Chamorro. His family hosted the fiesta down in Merizo. There was plenty of food and even with the number of people in attendance there was still food left over. This is also after everyone packed food to take home! Merizo is located in the Southern side of the island. It's quiet and exactly how I imagined Guam. I love all the Southern villages! We got to the fiesta late but nothing to worry about because there was lots of food. Mostly local food. Local food is breadfruit, taro, fish, roasted pig, chicken kalaguen and all the other yummy stuff. I was in food heaven!

This fiesta was different from the others we have attended because there was plenty to do besides eat, talk story and listen to music. After lunch, the local men got the roosters out and had a cock fight. No lie! No worries, no need to call PETA because cock fighting is legal in Guam. Im not down for that kind of stuff but my girls were front row for the event. I made them sit with me when the fight started! Then there was the carabao or water buffalo. The girls, especially Eva, had a blast riding it! Thank you Champaco family and Rachel and Albert for your hospitality.


MiriamR said...

Wow you got a lot of Guam culture in one night! I love that the girls got to ride the water buffalo. I know Daniel will be jealous when he reads about you guys getting to see a cock fight. Thats one thing he miss out on seeing while we were there.

foouryan said...

Hey Line Jr, you look super sexy with your orange!...lol...you stole Manatu's color!...lol...Love you tons Line!