Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Madness

Spring Break is over and Maysa is back in school. First day back at school was so tough for her. Mostly because we had so much fun during spring break that she didn't want to go back to school. I was really dreading spring break and having all the kids home plus one more (we are watching Rachel) for an entire week but it turned out to be a fun time. Im still recovering from our non stop week but it was so worth it!

We started the break with Eva's birthday on the 3rd. We celebrated with a Mexican style BBQ and cupcakes. Chris Montanano and his family came to celebrate Eva's day. Eva sang happy birthday to herself all day long. She was totally festive and so happy to have her friends and family celebrating HER! Rachel asked her "Are you happy that your friends are here for your birthday" Eva said "Yeah, but just my Grandma and Papa are not here because they are far away." Maybe on her next birthday her Grandma and Papa will be here.

Saturday the girls had soccer but we missed the game because they changed the time. No problem! We just drove over to Mt. Lam Lam and had some shave iced and frosty freezes. Next we went home and got ready to attended a birthday party in the afternoon, followed by a fiesta and baptism in the evening!! We started the next week with swimming at the Hilton Pool on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we rode the Easter train at Micronesia Mall, then had dinner at Chamorro Village. Thursday we celebrated Maysa's birthday. She wanted to go out to dinner. We headed to CPK in Tumon and partied with our friends the Montananos. Maysa loves to dress up and go out.

Friday we took all the girls including Rachel and Paige to watch Hannah Montana the Movie. Then that evening we went out to dinner to celebrate another birthday. It was Aaron's 23 rd birthday and we celebrated at Tony Romas in Tumon.
Saturday was soccer but we still squeeze in a visit with our friends Chris and Joleen and managed to finish up Maysa's Science Fair project before having dinner at the Hopoates. Elder Hopoate prepared an umu for his daughter, Keauhea, who is visiting from Utah with her 5 children. We had so much fun at the Hopoate's home. The food was so yummy. All traditional Tongan food. I L.O.V.E. 'd it!!

Easter Sunday was spent watching Conference. Conference messages are always so timely! Easter lunch was in Latte Heights with our friends. The girls even got into a tug of war match against the boys and they won!! The boys better watch out. My girls got muscles...LOL And because we had promised to have dinner with Rachel's family, we headed to Barrigada for Easter dinner with the Warner kids. We seriously had been eating the whole week and just could not eat another morsel. It was fun to hang out with Rachel's siblings and the McKenzie family from our branch.

As if the past week wasn't enough, on Monday when school resumed, we headed to Rittidan Point after Maysa got out of school and played at the beach. The kids were reminded of Alexander and Eva, since we always use to only go with them to Rittidan. I love how close the beaches are and being able to run out for a couple of hours to play on the sand, swim, snorkle or just sit.

In all this madness, the best part was getting birthday presents in the mail from Grandma and Papa. The girls loved their presents and missed their grandparents all the more.


MiriamR said...

Oh my goodness that sounds so busy and FUN!! I love that. Man your post really made me miss Guam! We miss you guys but we are glad you are still having alot of fun over there. I miss the beaches. That was one of the things that I really loved about Guam because you wont see that again were you have a beach 10-20 minutes away and you can just pick up and go whenever you want (well unless you make 7 figures and can live on the beach).

Happy Birthday Eva!
Happy Birthday Maysa!
Happy Birthday Kaylena!!

Kaylena is so cute she is growing so fast!


Dang Line everything sounds like a party over there in Guam. Maybe Jeff should have never came home and I could have just met him over there. I swear it sounds and looks like so much fun. More fun than jeffs 100 mile commute and living in the desert lol!!! Glad you are enjoying it out there, besides missing family it all looks great!!!

The Gibbons said...

Sounds like you kept busy, especially with all those birthdays to celebrate. As long as you're having fun! :)

Vaitai 6 said...

How FUN!!! So glad to see Ysa fun little party! and I totally know what you mean about being BEAT during spring break. Although I did enjoy sleeping in in the morning. And wow, Miss Kaylena looks so BIG.

Happy Birthday girls!!! We love and miss you all SO SO SO much!!!!

foouryan said...

OMGoodness Line Jr the girls are getting sooooo big!! Dang time flies!! And it's the girls birthdays!!!....I swear I'm getting so old and so behind! I have so much to talk to you about!!! I've been down for over a week with this killer virus stomach flu thing and I just haven't gotten my strength back but when I do we'll be choppin it up soon about everything! Love you tons Line Jr!! Kiss the girls for me!!

IzzieGuire said...

Dang Line, it sounds like a fiesta all day everyday. How fun!! Has Mom & Dad been out there for a visit yet? I'm glad to hear everyone is adjusting well to the move...still not sure why you guys are out there but I'll keep reading :)